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Hawk Family(s):

On Weds March 28th, we will be beginning our general election for President.  As per our by-laws, there is one vote per family.  We are very fortunate to have strong candidates, and continue down the positive path the club is building.  The bios of the candidates are below........

All of the voting will be done via the online voting system, by any club member in good standing. (You currently have a player, that played for a Hawks team in 2017-2018, and you have fufilled your financial obligation to the club)  Voting will take place with the following procedure:

1. Every family is entitled to one (1) vote per family. (we will audit, as in previous years....as sometimes multiple family members do not communicate, and input multiple votes)
2. Voting begins now.....it is imperative that name/player name/team be included with any vote, in reference to vailidity purposes. (we will not count any anonymous votes)
3. ALL votes must be recieved by Midnight Sunday, March 11th to

If there are questions prior to then, please email .
Hawks Pride!


Candidate - Chad DeFruscio

Chad DeFruscio is a married father of three, his two sons play for the Hawks and his daughter is on the Sixers dance team, in her mind. He has been the president of the Hawks for the past four years. His love of ballroom dancing is only eclipsed by his accomplishments as president.

Over the past four years, he has coordinated the efforts to both get Rick James in the rock and roll hall of fame and have “the hoagie” recognized as the official food of our youth hockey organization. In his words “Luncheon meats, aka cold cuts, provide a valuable source of protein and MSG for young athletes and parents on the go. MSG is where the Rangers play, right? Point made.” He is charming, empathetic and flexible. Extremely flexible for a man his size, he attributes that to the ballroom dancing. 

Chad has his sights set on a new goal, if he should win. He is presently in talks with Haverford Township to build a wall! around the skatium to keep the Phantoms out. Costs would be minimal due to the construction on site and costs are irrelevant because he is going to make Aston Township pay! 

A flexible, well fed, safe environment, with “Super freak” playing in the background. Need he say more?


Candidate - Chas McGarvey


I was elected Vice President three years ago and wish to continue to work with the Board Officers in the capacity of President to make the Haverford Hawks hockey program the best in the Delaware Valley.  I believe in transparency and realize that open communication amongst the board and the parents is key to the success of this organization.  I am also a previous coach with the Hawks and my son currently plays at the U-14 level.  I played club hockey during my youth and have refereed the game for the past 28 years.  In addition to serving on the Hawks Board, I served on the Finland Exchange committee in charge of fundraising in 2014 to 2015 and served as the Chair of the Finland Exchange in 2016 and 2017.  I currently serve on the Pennsylvania State SR 6 Commission, the Board of the Main Line Chamber of Commerce Foundation, the Board of the Executive Fire Officers Association of the International Fire Chiefs Association and the Skatium Ice Rink Advisory Board.